About Courtney

Courtney Floyd grew up in New Mexico, where she learned to write between tarantula turf wars and apocalyptic dust storms. She currently lives at the bottom of a haunted mountain in the woods of Vermont with her partner and pets.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Courtney writes speculative fiction––novels, short stories, and audio drama. Her short fiction can be found in Fireside Magazine, Apex’s Strange Libations, and Small Wonders. Her lighthearted horror audio drama, The Way We Haunt Now, is available on all major podcast platforms.

Courtney is an alum of Viable Paradise 2022 and a member of Codex. When she isn’t writing, she’s hiking with her dogs or moonlighting as a podcast editor for Strange Horizons. She hopes to one day put her PhD in late-Victorian fiction to good use by writing historical fantasy. Follow her on Twitter @cannfloyd