A mutilated Furby sits on an altar-like stump in the woods...

“A Post-Modern Oracle.” Fireside Fiction Magazine (2018).

“The piece is rather fun and funny, featuring a mesh of ancient power and modern (or post-modern) twists. The story illustrates a change in not only perspective but values from the stories about the old oracles, where fighting against prophecy means a person is doomed. This is a story that has learned from those older tales and taken a much different approach to fate and pride.”

Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

“H&D Plumbing.” Fireside Fiction Magazine (2017).

“The piece points to a secular kind of faith, one that allows [the characters] to deal with what happens while not claiming at some moral superiority. They simply have the skills required for this service, and so they use them to make their living … So yeah, a refreshing and fun piece that was a blast to read!”

Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

Reviews for The Way We Haunt Now

What a great show! It’s scary but not in an in your face way, and it feels very grounded and human … Really love the characters here too and I’m so glad I discovered this show. Looking forward to more!

Jeff Van Dreason

I’m really enjoying listening to this beautifully told ghost story develop. @cannfloyd is excellent at creating moments of creeping horror but also allowing wonderful moments of light and warmth!

Jen Sugden