This portfolio is for creative work that doesn’t fit neatly into the “speculative fiction writer” version of me on the home page. Here, you can explore some of the other stuff I do when I have my creative hats on.


“Can You Hear That Whistle?” A song composed by me, and performed by my sisters and I:

“An Awkward ’90s Song” (Basically, this is me filking about a certain animated movie that came out when I was a child. And using it to talk about anxiety and depression. As you do.)

Audio Fiction

“Otis’s Big Adventure,” a short piece of audio fiction written for one of the littles in my life:

Audio Interviews

An Interview with Isabel Greenberg, author of Glass Town (2020)

A Conversation with Dr. Anna Wager (in two parts)

A Conversation with Dr. Katie Jo La Riviere (in two parts)

A Conversation with Dr. Alison Hedley, Miranda Butler, and Tom Stuart at NAVSA 2017

Teaching and Workshops

In Spring 2018, I took my engagements with sound into the classroom, training 35 undergraduates to use sound recording equipment and the open source DAW, Audacity, to create their own podcast, Archetypes & Anarchy. The podcast is available on iTunes and via our course website, where I’ve also archived course materials. Below, you can listen to the first episode of that podcast and view the syllabus and podcasting packet I provided students:

In the same year, I collaborated with DH@UO to put on a podcasting workshop for faculty and staff. I talked about podcasting in the classroom, provided a handout for creating and distributing a podcast episode for free, and led a demo in which we recorded, added background music, and uploaded our own episode. You can see the workshop website here.

Podcasting workshop flyer.
Caption: Podcasting workshop flyer.”

In other workshops, I’ve engaged participants in active recording and visualizations of their voices, trained faculty and staff in methods for using and teaching with social media, and more.