Courtney Floyd grew up in New Mexico, where she learned to write in between tarantula turf wars and apocalyptic dust storms. She collects books, bones, and beetles – in no particular order of importance – and uses them in elaborate rituals to invoke her muses. Having escaped the desert, she now lives in central Virginia with her husband, her hellhound, and a chatty black cat who is definitely not plotting anything.

Just in case it isn’t obvious by now, Courtney writes speculative fiction which usually falls into the category of “urban fantasy” but has also been called “weird,” “dark,” and various flavors of “punk.” Her short work has appeared in Fireside Fiction Magazine¬†and Tales of the Talisman and is forthcoming with Galli Books.

Fun Facts

Courtney earned her Ph.D in English at the University of Oregon. She specialized in disability and the media in late-Victorian sensational and gothic novels, which she likes to argue are the ancestors of Urban Fantasy (especially when she’s had lots of coffee or scotch). You can read more about her PhD research on her academic website:

Courtney is also the creator, producer, and co-host of Victorian Scribblers, a biography/history/literature podcast about the lives and work of the 19th century writers time forgot. (Which turns out to be mostly to women, queer, minority, disabled, and otherwise marginalized folks.) You can learn more about the podcast here.

When she’s not writing or podcasting, she likes to hike, invent elaborate vegetarian dishes, perform original music, and, of course, read everything she can get her hands on.

You can follow her erratic, cryptic, and sometimes arcane musings on Twitter (@cannfloyd).